Emmanuel Apostolic Church

Ernest McDonald

Bishop & Senior Pastor

About our Bishop

Bishop McDonald was born in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies. He received his early childhood education in that same parish. He would, however through the divine will of God relocate to St Catherine for his secondary education. It was during these years at Dinthill High school that his call to the Lord’s service first became evident.
Bishop McDonald was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and later on baptized with the Holy Ghost at Linstead, St Catherine, Jamaica W.I. He faithfully served under the leadership of Bishop Frank Otto until he migrated to the United States. He recounts his early years in the faith as challenging years of growth and invaluable years of preparation for the ministry. He credits his survival to the encouragement and prayers of the church mothers and the gentle but firm guidance of his Pastor. His late dear mother is spoken of with much pride and reverence as his greatest role model. She was resolute not to have her son to be anything less than what the Lord had ordained for him to be.
Bishop McDonald migrated to the U.S.A in 1982. He then got married to his best friend Ivett on October 30, 1982, and are the proud and supportive parents of three beautiful daughters (Jackie, Kimberly, and Joanna). Bishop McDonald speaks of his wife as being a tower of strength to himself and the ministry. “She is my best friend and my most honest and trusted critique”. Both share an equal passion for the growth of the ministry and are the finest examples of service and care in the ministry.

He recalls their plans to establish a lucrative business with their life savings and how the Lord intercepted their plan asking them to use it, instead to start His work in the city of Miramar. This for them was not difficult; they had grown to know the wisdom of God. In 1992 Bishop McDonald, his wife, and eleven other members assembled as a church for the first time at 2316 SW 36th Terrace in the city of Miramar.

There were hard days but they depended on the Lord and drawing from such pioneers as Bishop S.U.Thomas, Bishop F. Senior, Bishop F. Otto, and Bishop A. Dean, Bishop McDonald was able to set the template for worship and sacrifice with his small but faithful congregation. He credits the growth of his ministry tireless efforts of the leadership team and the camaraderie of the saints.

He was ordained as a Bishop on Saturday, Nov. 24th, 2001 at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church Kingston, Jamaica by Bishop S. U. Thomas.

Bishop McDonald is a worshipper, a father, a counselor, and an international speaker with the most relevant message for this generation. His spirit of humility is refreshing; his strength of spirit is coveted by most. He is known to captivate his audience through a myriad of presentations. His messages are delivered with authority, clarity and a twist of humor. He is inspired to transform the simplest of thought into a message of a life-changing magnitude. His ministerial life is a reflection of that of Moses and David “being called away for such a time as this.” He is the shepherd of a growing congregation of over seven (900) hundred members. His greatest ambition is to win the lost for Christ, his vision to complete a debt-free facility for the future generation of his assembly.